#6: _The_Ocean_Inside_You]

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

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2019 what is uuuuppppp

Im here.

22 af.

Still living, still breathing .

with the same existential crisis pill we ALL have to swallow.

Organized religion is still rife in Pietermaritzburg where my parents stay.

Im still on break from the college life and will be for a while till I get student visa re-stamped.

We stiiillll making missions for dual citizenship. US Neutralization to be accurate.

I trust my dawg Donald. J Trump is gonna hook it up.

You guys don't know him like I do.

I read his book.

We still paying rent for my spot in Koreatown.

Chomping at the bit to be living in my own space again.

Earlier last year between semesters i took a road trip with puppy Bruno up to go see some my brothers from Oregon (Arlan, Jake Day, Danieeaaal and Tratzzman).

After a 9 hours drive, I was all the up in Sacramento and in need of a place to rest.

Like most millennials i looked to the internet for refuge.

Expedia led me your casually suspect ridden motel 6.

I more interested in how close it was the chipotle Bruno and had just had dinner at.

After checking in and making nice with the fully armed security guard at the entrance.

I looked at the sign and remembered my photo professor Mike from Golden West College,

I remember having shot a full roll of film all at night one time cause i didn't have much time during the day.

The next day in

I remember him telling me how hard it was to do film photography at night and that i should stick to shooting in the day beacause lighting would be too much for me to handle my level.

Lol he was right.

buuuut i wasn't gonna not try again

So there i was in the Motel6 Parking Lot with Bruno

Working on the right angle and setting on the camera to prove Mike wrong in my head.

This time I lowered the shutter speed and kept a better eye on my aperture than the last time.

Moments after shoot the sign, i heard someone call out from a ways away.

I turned to a middle aged caucasian man. In a wife beater and concerned look all over his face.

He politely greeted me asked me "if could hear that" and looked up to the sky

I was confused but interested in where this was going.

I said "nope"

He looked so super concerned.

Crazy look in his eye.

He said "the ocean!"

"you can't hear that!?" as he cupped both his ears.

I could feel myself smirk, knowing,

"oh he's on something, and im just gonna go with it"

He gestured for me to do the same, cup my ears.

So i cupped my ears.

Nothing. No Ocean.

He said "You hear it now?"

He looked distraught now, waiting for my answer.

I nodded, pretty much laughing out loud now cuz i knew we were faaaaarrr from ocean.

I didn't want to tell him the truth.

I guess i just wanted to a be a friend through his trip and not mess with the ocean inside his head.

Maybe he needed someone to tell him truth

but i had just driven for 9 hours and I just wanted the interaction to end fast and didn't want to be an accessory to a man gone wild. This a Motel6. remember that.

So we were both listening to the sound of the ocean.

In Sacramento.

close to 100 miles from the ocean.

both genuinely laughing out loud...

moments later i said my goodbye to sneak Bruno into our room.

And that was that.

Point of the story is...

We meet people who hear oceans 100 miles away in their heads, you don't have to take them all seriously.

Sometimes you're just there for laugh, so laugh

and you can then move on...

You have you own ocean inside.

These were the best shots i got out of the roll i shot in that parking

Mike would've told to shoot way more rolls for this piece.

But the ocean guy got me! lol

Im still gonna keep tryna shoot at night. Ill be back for redemption.

Yours Sincerely

Khanyiso Booi // @le_pompier

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