Here we are again, with... another one...

This was one of my favorite low-key kind of shoots to do with the bold, beautiful and incredibly easy to work with, singer/songwriter Yoonha.

The set work for this shoot was minimal. Some adjustments to a couple blinds , an extra light and some props was what we were working with. The objective was to capture & express form and nuance in the mundane, e.g listening to music on a record player, washing your hands in a sink

One of the props used was a samurai sword. Why the sword?...Empowerment. With some awareness of the social climate. I thought it would be a good idea to give women with a little edge to how they're portrayed. Dont @ me

Enjoy responsibly

for more, checkout the Showcase

and be sure to keep your ears to ground for Yoonha's new solo project Yoonha Verse

Yours Sincerely

Khanyiso Booi

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