#3: _Closer_To_Texture]

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

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This one's short babies! Heres a some photos I took out in Laguna Beach, CA.

The whole are is so lively to say the least! Walking around you can feel this good vibe energy from the people art shopping, ice creaming their faces, to volleyball pros serving unsuspecting amateurs heat on the beach thats a street into the main art district.

For these two features i decided to practice focusing on texture at different distances while playing with the aperture. I focused on the palm trees for this exercise because they lay well against the sky. First I went for a larger aperture to bring the texture out in the tree that was closer in distance. For the second, reduced the aperture and to better focus on texture on the trees' leaves so far away.

All in all, these shots were fun to put under the new scanner and play with exposures to bring out greater detail in the textures.

*Alot more coming from this trip

Stay Black, Stay White, Stay Yellow, its all love babies x

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