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Updated: Aug 13, 2019

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Evening photo compadres,

Here are my favorite picks from my attempts to capture depth of field. These shots were apart of the my regular Double Barrel Roll Trips through Laguna Beach with friends from Huntington Beach/ Costa Mesa, the members, RoseGone, Mattie and the notorious milf hunter Schep. I highly recommend just going out with your friends who just get this vibe ting yeh. We simply strolled the boardwalks for honeys' and good vibes with a standard coffee shop visit. No particular agenda other than just "being out here" and taking photos.

Hardest part for myself is staying focused on the composition of the shots, spending more time in the moment to maybe wait more and enjoy the composition through the lens. Im so used to being around the action sports culture of photography where moments are more time-sensitive, higher shutter speeds, bigger apertures.

So the "set" was Lauguna Beach City to be most accurate. As a group we purposely picked the Golden Hour time of day to be on the Laguna Boardwalk for good lighting where ever we walked.

Working on Depth of field was the goal, to show whoever is looking at the photo to see the depth between the background and foreground. There were 2 rolls of film attempted at finding depth of field in Laguna and so here we have Broadway & Pacific and Chess Outside

Broadway & Pacific.

Chess Outside.

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