Updated: Aug 13, 2019

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Big Beeeeeaaarrr!! Where all the snow lives. I love snowboarding! This trip up to Big Bear was different, with a different agenda. Dylan Rosegone, wizard photographer and one of my favorite people from Beast Coast, led the squad up to Joshua Tree and Big Bear.

Car parked at the side of the road, sufficiently and efficiently medicated, The Big Bear woods was our set to work with. A 2 min into the walk and right away we're surrounded by tall trees, rocks covered in all shades of moss, lush green vegetation surrounding anything and everything, an ecosystem thriving. I couldn't help but feel like the 4 of us (Tyler, Josh, Dylan and I) were the only people left in civilization. 3 cavemen wondering, exploring whatever anomaly that came to us and then shooting it with our cameras, then nodding to each other like "hmmmm isssagoood" *Eastern European Accent

Lighting was tricky, because of the time of season. The sun was no where to be found so the only light to work with was coming from gaps between the cloud cover. We still made it work.

During the shoot, the goal was to incorporate the rule of thirds. A photo element I grew up abusing but this time i wanted to see all these natural textures i was surrounded by in the piece. That meant that focus control was important because while shooting 3rds, the subject is placed off center, that also means focus has to be off center. Another factor was distance, to try get close enough to see texture.

here are the shots members, love you all x

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