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Updated: Aug 13, 2019

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bbbaaack!! with another one here. Past couple weeks have been eventful.



Software Applicashiionss

Familial Responsibility.

A couple days before flying to South Africa I put together this shoot with two angels from the land of Angels, Los Angeles.

The bold and beautiful Juliette Diamond & Jackie Beiber.

I know Juliette from my Media 10 class at SMC where we exchanged a few words.

and Jackie Beibs! We met online and facetimed.


Setting this one up was pretty easy

After some back and forth over text, Julliette and I opted for the beach and tennis courts around Santa Monica.


I figured lines would be pretty straightforward to shoot.

you know the big phat white lines?

Then i thought mnuuuhhh sssbasic,

There are lines on the net as well.

And maybe i could shoot through it and add more depth to the piece.

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