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Updated: Aug 13, 2019

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To be out living in Los Angeles, Koreatown to be exact, theres plenty city life all around me. A couple blocks from my apartment tourists line up at The Wiltern Theatre daily, want coffee at the corner Coffee Bean? packed, looking for parking? nuuhh. Everyday, cars & buses at every block honking at everything and anything. I needed a break from the smog of the city. So I drove up North through the hills to shoot something different from what we're so used to seeing, a different side to LA. Mulholland Drive.

Weapon of Choice: Olympus OMG

Set work for this shoot was minimal. All I needed was good timing in the day, and I was gucci shun. Googled "Mulholland Drive outlooks" and boom! I got a list of outlook point addresses along Mulholland Drive to scope out. In Los Angeles timing with traffic will be anybody's challenge to get anything done. Golden Hour was at around 7 pm at the time so I was out the pozi by 3 pm. Enough time to beat traffic. See a friend. Get food.Start shooting by sunset. Winning.

The goal while shooting was to incorporate basic photo elements as best as I can, and before that, correct focus control on the subjects, the Subjects being the houses in this particular landscape.

Some photo elements came out that I wasn't expecting, like the little more texture in the trees and shrubbery that came out. While shooting I had little to no faith in seeing any detail especially in the Black and White format and from so far.

All in all, I felt emphasizing contrast between nature and civilization to be the theme, the houses in and amongst the environment is what I was aiming to capture. Civilization nestled in nature harmoniously.

Thanks for reading, my baby art fiends.

Yours Sincerely K. Booi

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